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Name: Sergio Peris Tárrega

Age: 18 Years

City: Xàtiva, Valencia, Spain


About Me

I am Sertxu Developer, although my real name is Sergio Peris Tárrega. I was born on June 23, 2000, in Xàtiva (Valencia, Spain), whose city is my current place of residence.
I consider myself a multi-purpose person, since I was born I have liked everything related to computer science, so I have carried out a wide variety of works and projects. I am currently studying the Medium Grade of Microcomputer Systems and Networks (SMR/SMX), in the future, I want to do the Higher Grade.
And who knows if I'll do anything else?

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My last posts

Erasmus+ Bologna 2018

Off Topic 30 May 2018

Erasmus+ Bologna 2018

I've been in Bologna for a month, come in and find out how I've been doing


News 25 May 2018


Today the new data protection law applies at European level, come in and get to know it better

Sertxu Developer Inc

Projects 16 May 2018

Sertxu Developer Inc

Know about the application created in Ionic for the subject of Web Applications

Raids using mdadm

Tutorial 04 April 2018

Raids using mdadm

Add a layer of complexity to your disks to make them more reliable



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